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Guitar Scientist 2.0 - Updates and changes history

JULY 10th 2020
You can now see the diagrams from users you follow in the explore section, see a list of your followers and of the users you follow.
JULY 7th 2020
You can now follow other users you like

"b7" notes are no longer displayed as "7" when the diagram is reloaded.

JULY 2nd 2020
Diagram votes
Public diagrams can now receive a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down from other users.

JUNE 30th 2020
Diagram descriptions
You can now add a text description to your diagrams that will help understand the content before opening it, like in search results and previews.

Improved quick viewer
The quick view page now incorporates comments, favorites, transfers, a zoom function, and the ability to edit diagrams descriptions.

Link to viewer in explore results
You can now open the diagrams in the quick viewer from the "explore section" results.

JUNE 24th 2020
1) Quality improves in image export
The exported images now reflect closely what you see in the editor, legibility has been improved. Videos included in the diagrams are no longer ignored.

2) Help mode
A new in depth tutorial illustrates every aspect of any function in the editor. Enter the help mode and click on any group of buttons to get detailed instructions.

3) Collections improvements
You can now rename the collections, rearrange them and the diagrams they contain.

MAY 18th 2020
1) Unsaved diagrams recovery function
A backup of your work is now maintained in your browser memory. If you leave the editor without saving (by mistake, or because you lost your internet connection) next time you come back you'll be able to recover your unsaved document and start working from where you left.

2) New Explore Section
Now you can explore all the diagrams in the website using a pinterest-style grid page. You can search diagrams by name or tag, and order them by like, views or date.
MAY 5th 2020
User profile improvements
Users can now edit their profiles and add links to other social networks and websites.
APRIL 29th 2020
New editor function: Adaptive tunings
This option (found in the tuning panel) allows you to preserve the notes when you change the tuning of an already edited document, automatically re-adapting the fingerings to your new tuning.
APRIL 28th 2020
New editor function: Hide labels on layer
This function (found in the advanced section of the layer selector panel) allows you to hide the labels on individual layers, this can make overlapping shapes more clear, directing the focus only to the needed degrees. See an example here.
APRIL 27th 2020
Interface improvements.
• New menu in the editor, with submenu to open recent diagrams without leaving the editor.
• Improved interface in messages page
• Increased mobile responsiveness of the website

APRIL 21st 2020
Improved compatibility with Safari browser.
Safari is now 99% supported, there are a few minor visualization bugs (the text in some buttons is not centered), but it should be perfectly usable.

APRIL 18th 2020
Added retro-compatibility with old generator
You can now import the diagrams you created with the old generator. Look for the new IMPORT icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

APRIL 16th 2020
Addedd support for dual functions in 'Active Tool Box'
You can now use the octaver and the selector together to select a note in every octave.

APRIL 15th 2020
Bug fixes in the editor:
Fixed 'undefined' bug for double colored dots.
Addedd 'Active Tool Box' in the editor:
Makes clearer which tool you are currently using and makes it easier to deactivate them.

APRIL 14th 2020
Bug fixes in the editor:
• Fixed text display bugs that showed only the first line of fretboard titles and descriptions when saved and reopened.
• Document title max lenght brought to 100 charachters instead of 30. Added browser validation to avoid error messages.
• Fixed display bug for the icons that overlapped the diagram on very small fretboards.

APRIL 10th 2020
Added quick previews
Click on [quick preview] to quickly load a diagram as an image without opening the editor.
Hover your cursor on a diagram link to see a small preview of the diagram.
APRIL 9th 2020
Added internal messaging function
Visit a profile and click "Send message" to start a private conversation with that user.
APRIL 8th 2020
Added a new "collections" function
Now you can organize the diagrams in your profile into collapsable folders called collections.
APRIL 5th 2020
Guitar Scientist 2.0 public beta available
This new version of the editor lands on