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Guitar Scientist is a ridicolously powerful diagram editor you can use directly in your desktop browser.
With a free account you will also get access to more than 9533 diagrams already created by a community of more than 4578 users.
You can create your own diagrams, and share them with other guitarists, too.

A few of the things you can do with Guitar Scientist:

Features overview


Guitar Scientist comes with the most powerful diagrams editor you can find online. If you already used the old generator, new features include:

  • A completely redesigned user interface
  • 8 Layers, 30 different fret marker shapes
  • Up to 24 Fretboards per document, individually resizable
  • Youtube videos can be included into your diagrams
  • Lines and Squares can be precisely placed on the fretboard in any color and adapt to your diagrams if you resize them
  • A Chord finder function to find any chord in any tuning and number of strings
  • Ear what you write (play function)
  • Solfége and International notation
  • PNG and PDF export
  • Recover your work if you leave without saving, "lost internet connection" does not mean you lose your work.
  • Smart shape finder to generate new voicing and shapes from your fingerings
  • Quick viewer to rapidly open diagrams you don't want to edit.
  • ...and much much more.

On top of the editor you'll find a community built around music theory .
Diagrams are stored into your personal profile and this gives you many possibilities:

  • Manage your diagrams privacy, update, duplicate or delete them
  • Organize your diagrams into collections (folders)
  • Browse and explore diagrams made by other users in the EXPLORE section
  • Discuss in the comment section of each diagram
  • Vote diagrams with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down
  • Add to your favorites the diagrams you like and quickly find them in your profile
  • Follow your favorite users to see all the new diagrams they publish
  • Use existing diagrams as a template for your new diagrams, the 'Guitar Scientist Generator' and the 'Guitar Scientist Editor 2' are built by Giuseppe Motta, a.k.a. Jay. and all of its subdomains are a property of the company 'IMPACT di Motta Giuseppe'.
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